Friday, June 28, 2013

Too Hot for Comfort

Last weekend Debbie and I went to dinner at Sopapillas, a neat restaurant that recently open at Indian Lake in Hendersonville.  Afterward as we were walking back to our car we saw a very disturbing thing.  There was a dog left in a parked vehicle on the quad.  Yes, the windows were down a couple of inches BUT, even though it was evening--about 6:30, the temperature was still in the 80's.  Now, hopefully, the owner had run into a nearby shop for just a minute.  We did alert a police officer standing in the area who went to check on the pup. Yet this was a sharp reminder of the dangers that heat can pose to our pets at this time of year.

Summer officially began last Friday, June 21st, and the temps have been in the 90's all week--an indication of the sultry heat that the South can bring to the season.  As pet owners we need to be sensitive to our pets' needs.  Summer months can be brutal to our dogs.  All are susceptible to overheating.  The sun can make the inside of a car unbearable or deadly even in the winter.  Heat radiates through the glass and raises the temperature in a small area very quickly.  Imagine you being in a car wearing a fur coat!  Use common sense--leave your dogs ar home in the cool if you will exit the car even for a few minutes.